VIN Decoder Europe shows information about all vehicles in Europe countries. Check every vehicle for damage, odometer change etc.


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The purchase of a used vehicle shall always be subject to background checks on the vehicle. It is also necessary to ensure that this is a reliable seller. In this post, we will discuss how to conduct a vehicle background check yourself in Estonia or in a foreign country.

VIN Decoder Europe

VIN kodas rodo informaciją apie automobilio istoriją, odometro duomenis ir rinkos kainą.

Europe Car Markets?

The largest and most active car markets are located in Lithuania, Germany and Italy. Vehicles in each country have their own peculiarities, but nothing serious. For example, many Italian vehicles lack seat heating. German cars have high odometer readings because of the distances that are being penetrated by the big ones. In the case of vehicles purchased in Lithuania, the signs of an accident should be monitored. This would rather apply to older cars.

In the case of a car purchased from Belgium, a good sign is state control. For example, each machine sold must have a roadworthiness test carried out, which must not be less than 2 months old at the time of sale.

A similar market is also Holland who, looks after their machines very well. Thanks to this, cars purchased from the Netherlands have a good price-quality ratio.

The French, for their part, are very often used as car owners to repair their own machines at home. This usually means changing oil and oil filters as well as brake discs. Be sure to check the technical condition of the car, it shows how well the car has been serviced in advance.

Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in the world to buy a new car (150% extra tax rate). Thanks to this, used cars are very popular in the country, especially for imported machinery. The overall quality level of cars sold in Denmark is good. Thanks to high taxes, car owners are mostly well-off citizens who take good care of their machine.

Risks in purchasing a car from Germany

When you start looking for a used car in Germany, you might initially be startled by a higher kilometraaž than usual. It can mostly be attributed to long distances, which a decent German with his machine often tends to pass. Cars with low mileage are expensive in Germany too.

Performing background checks on a foreign vehicle,

With the help of a Google search engine, it’s possible to find interesting facts about a car that the owner deliberately or accidentally doesn’t want to mention.

Then you have to communicate with the seller and also check the seller’s background. For example, how long it has been operating on the market, how other customers have rated the company. Feedback from other customers is usually seen from Google or car portals if such an opportunity exists there.

For dealerships and larger car marketplaces, this is easier, with smaller makers and private pockets much more complicated. That is why we would like to contact BP Motors and use our help to acquire our future vehicle. So you’ll have less of a headache later, considering if you don’t have experience, you can lose a lot more.


VIN Check Europe shows information about all vehicles in Europe countries. Check every vehicle for damage, odometer change etc.

(642 successful checks)

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